Kobets Olga Semenivna

Member of the Central Leadership of «Republican platform» party

Member of the Republican Platform political party since 1999.

Member of the Presidium, People’s Deputy of Ukraine IV convocation.

Born in Lviv region, grew up in Vinnitsa region.

In 1972 graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University. Worked


  • In the newspapers “Youth of Ukraine“, “Evening Kyiv“, in the magazine “Sights of Ukraine“, on the Ukrainian radio conducted the author’s program “For loyalty to Ukraine”;
  • ounded magazine “Women’s World” (2000 – 2010);
  • Author of hundreds of articles on problems of international life, Ukrainian nationality, gender equality, issues of culture and art;
  • The initiator of the first in Ukraine’s history of the Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Gender Equality, which was headed during  term;
  • Takes an active part in public and political life;
  • Was one of the organizers of the newspaper “Ukrainian Word“, which, after a long stay abroad in 1991, began publishing first in Lviv, and then in Kiev;
  • One of the founders of the organized women’s movement in Ukraine, in 1993, founded the Whole-Ukrainian Women’s Society name of Olena Teliga;
  • Organizer and participant of many international conferences, forums, congresses;
  • Organizer of the International Literary and Art Prize name of Olena Teliga (2000 – 2010);
  • The initiator of the construction of monuments to Heroes of Kruty V. Naumovich and V. Shulgin – in the Kyiv State Lukianivsky Historical and Memorial Reserve (2007), as well as for Olena Teliga – in Babyn Yar in Kiev (2017);
  • A long-term member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, since 2011 – Deputy Chairman of the UHCR;