Pavlyshyn Oleg Miroslavovich

Head of the «Republican platform» party

Born July 24, 1963 in the city of Lviv. Graduated from Lviv Agrarian University, specializing in agronomist sciences. Worked as the chief agronomist, senior researcher at the Research Institute of Agriculture and Livestock.

In 1988 joined the Ukrainian Helsinki Union, was the head of the secretariat of the Lviv regional branch of the UGS (in 1990, the UGS was transformed into the Ukrainian Republican Party (now the Republican platform).

Between 1990 and 1997, was the head of the Lviv regional organization of the URP, the deputy, the first deputy chairmen of the Ukrainian Republican Party Levko Lukyanenko, Mikhail Gorin, and others.

Later worked as the head of the department of social-political issues of the Whole-Ukrainian newspaper “Nash chas”, at the Institute of Economic and Social Problems “Republic”, at the Center for Political and Economic Analysis “Kyiv XXI”.

Worked as the head of the methodological support department of the political party People’s Union «Nasha Ukraina», the Ukrainian Platform’s Deputy Chairman (united with the URP “Sobor”) and the Ukrainian Platform “Sobor” (now the Republican platform).

At various times, was a member of the editorial board of the journal “Respublikanets”, newspapers “Formula postupu””, “Secunda”, “Universalna Gazeta”, and “Nash chas”. Since 2017 – chairman of the political party “Republican platform”.