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Political party «Republican platform» - the first registered political party of Ukraine!


Proclamation of Ukraine’s independence.

On August 24, 1991, the independence of Ukraine was proclaimed. The photo shows Lukyanenko Levko Grigorovich, one of the authors of the “Declaration of Independence of Ukraine” and the founder of the party.

Name of the party is changed.

In March 2015, the oldest Ukrainian party changed its name from the Ukrainian platform “Sobor” to the “Republican platform”.

Leader of the “Republican platform” political party.

2019, in the photo depicts the current Republican platform Leader, Pavlo Ivanovich Zhebrivsky.

The renewal of the logotype and graphic style of the party and the implementation of the project “Worldview and ideological principles «Republican platform – a common cause of indifferent»” was carried out.

Party history

A short roadmap of the history of the first registered political party of independent Ukraine.

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